Bungie’s building something in Destiny 2’s Tower and nobody knows what

Bungie’s building something in Destiny 2’s Tower and nobody knows what

We’re entering the second week of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, and as we said in our review-in-progress, things are looking up. Things are also looking mysterious, because apropos of nothing, Bungie’s begun a mysterious building project in the Tower social space, and nobody can figure out its purpose.

You can find the construction in the west side of the Tower directly behind Ikora. At the time of writing, the scene is a mix of scaffolding and railing, stairs and crates, with several NPCs working hard on whatever the heck this thing is. It looks a lot like the construction going on in the hangar section of the Tower, but unlike the work in the hangar, this is all brand-new. None of this scaffolding and construction was here this morning before the reset, so something is clearly up.

It’s worth noting that this is all going on behind Ikora, who serves as the main NPC for the new Vex Offensive activity. Bungie says the Vex Offensive will evolve throughout the season, and it has some sort of “Final Assault” planned for later this year. It’s possible this construction is tied to this evolution. Perhaps Ikora is expanding her base of operations to create a proper headquarters for the next phase of the Vex Offensive?

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