Destiny 2 servers are back online after post-reset maintenance

Destiny 2 servers are back online after post-reset maintenance

Update: As of 2:01pm EST, Destiny 2 servers have been restored, but players may still encounter log-in queues. Fortunately, at least in our experience, the game itself runs smoothly once you get in. Bungie says all maintenance will conclude by 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm BST.

Original story:

As of 1:20pm EST on Tuesday, October 8, Destiny 2 servers have been taken offline for another round of “emergency maintenance,” as Bungie confirmed on Twitter. The maintenance comes just 20 minutes after the release of a PvP hotfix, but curiously, Bungie said it didn’t expect any downtime. So it would seem that the double-whammy of the hotfix and the weekly reset, which introduced some new Destiny 2: Shadowkeep content, crossed a few wires somewhere.

Whatever the cause, Destiny 2 is currently offline. All players have been kicked to the main menu, and attempting to log in results in one of two things: 1) an endless “One moment please” server queue or 2) a string of Weasel and Guitar errors which keep you in log-in purgatory. Either way, you’re probably not getting in, and even if you are able to log in, good luck actually doing anything.

Hopefully this bout of emergency maintenance is shorter and less severe than the downtime that plagued Shadowkeep’s launch. Between enormous server queues, in-game lag, and periodic outages, the expansion’s launch was less than silky smooth. The simultaneous release of Destiny 2: New Light, Shadowkeep, and the Steam version of the game, coupled with the flood of new and returning players, was likely to blame for the day-one issues, but the cause of today’s outage is probably more specific. If we’re lucky, it’ll also be easier to resolve.

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