Fortnite Creative codes: The best Fortnite custom maps in September 2019

Fortnite Creative codes: The best Fortnite custom maps in September 2019

There’s some immense Fortnite Creative Codes and custom maps out there from some incredibly talented creators, and boy have we got the best of the bunch. From parkour and adventure maps to alternate battle royale islands, deathruns, and puzzles, there’s a host of Fortnite Creative Codes for everyone here. Whether you’re just booting up Fortnite for the first time or you’ve been playing since launch and you want something new and refreshing, these Fortnite Creative Codes will have a Fortnite custom map for you.

This list will update month by month so you can stay up to date with the top Fortnite custom maps, from adventure and puzzle maps to mini games and spectatular structures. There’s something for everyone here and maybe some of these Fortnite creative codes will eventually be featured on The Block!

Fortnite Creative Codes: September 2019

Bikini Bottom [theblackshield] – 5269-3591-1191

Fortnite Creative Codes: Bikini Bottom

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Moist-y Mer-man! We’ve featured Bikini Bottom a few months ago in this article, but this version of Spongebob’s hometown is much more impressive. There’s a few waves of enemies to survive along with a few side missions to complete such as a race around Mrs Puff’s driving school. Are ya ready kids?!

Bordernite [prudiz] – 2731-2533-2140

Fortnite Creative Codes: Bordernite

(Image credit: Epic Games)

With Borderlands 3 releasing this month, popular Fortnite Creative genius Prudiz has conjured up Bordernite; an open-world Borderlands themed map that utilises Claptrap as a quest giver, thanks to the recent Fortnite x Mayhem crossover. Explore Pandora and collect all seven powerballs to go to hell and face off against the final boss!

Ice King: Origins [mseymour7] – 1646-6277-2829

Fortnite Creative Codes: Ice King: Origins

Remember the Ice King? The one responsible for Greasy Grove being covered in ice? Want to get some revenge? Check out this adventure map that takes place in a small village after the Ice King has gone on a rampage and covered everything in ice. Venture out and save the overly-cuddly (you’ll see what we mean) villagers and stop the Ice King from causing any more havoc.

Island Royale [czf-frya] – 7756-2671-2928

Fortnite Creative Codes: Island Royale

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite is all about battle royale after all, so if you’re tired of the standard map despite all of the updates, you can grab a few pals and hop into Island Royale. It’s much smaller than the standard map, matches don’t last anywhere near as long, and there’s a number of varied locations like a barn, cemetery, and construction yard.

Minecraft Survival [charlee-brown] – 9244-2094-0658

Fortnite Creative Codes: Minecraft Survival

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Minecraft has seen somewhat of a resurgence lately, perhaps to the detriment of the Fortnite player numbers, but why not combine the two? This Minecraft Survival map sounds insane and like it would never work, but it’s actually rather clever. Your goal is to collect all of the Ender Eyes and go to the End, but there’s caves, abandoned mine shafts, the stronghold and more to find along the way.

The Legend of Zelda [MustardPlays] – 2326-3456-6999

Fortnite Creative Codes: The Legend of Zelda

The very first Legend of Zelda game may have released in 1986, but now you can play it in Fortnite! The old man who gives you the sword has been replaced by a gnome and the Infinity Blade, and there’s no enemies on the surface, but there’s a series of dungeons to complete and coins to collect in order to beat the game. Even if you haven’t played TLoZ, give this a shot because there’s a lot to find and discover!

Fortnite Creative Codes: August 2019

Working Phone [pimit] – 2977-8511-9806

Fortnite Creative Codes - Working Phone

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We’re getting to the stage of Fortnite Creative now where people are becoming more comfortable using it, and can create some seriously incredible stuff. This working phone from Pimit is one of them. You can use it to browse Twitter, YouTube, Reddit… kind of, anyway. How does it work? Well, that would be spoiling the magic, wouldn’t it?

P.S. The code to unlock the phone is 4444!

Dunder Mifflin Prop Hunt [terrysboy] – 0336-5022-9558

Fortnite Creative Codes - Dunder Mifflin Prop Hunt

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It’s almost impossible to make a faithful recreation of things seen on TV in Fortnite, but Terrysboy has given it a very good go with his take on Dunder Mifflin, the famous paper company based in Scranton, PA. It’s actually got the Prop Hunt mode enabled too, so you can grab some pals and wander round the office block, searching for numerous references to the show as you hide or hunt for props.

Hawkins Laboratory [expa_aztox] – 3638-4341-2025

Fortnite Creative Codes - Hawkins Laboratory

There was a small Stranger Things x Fortnite crossover during Season 9, but have you ever just thought you’d love to play a Stranger Things game within Fortnite? No? Me neither, actually. Then I saw this map from expa_aztox which is set in a Stranger Things themed world, and is very eerie and dark. Can you escape Hawkins Laboratory?

World Run [wc19-creators] – 3229-4676-3571

Fortnite Creative Codes - World Run

Did you watch the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals? if you did then this map will be familiar to you, but if not then let me explain. World Run is a parkour map for up to 16 players across eight teams. It starts off fairly tame, but quickly becomes very difficult as you have to collect the most coins to win the game. It’s a well polished map – as you’d expect since it featured at the World Cup – and every jump is more than possible if you know what you’re doing.

The Simulator [pimit] – 5576-0979-5947

Fortnite Creative Codes - The Simulator

The Simulator is another map from Pimit which showcases their creative genius, because while this might look like a standard parkour map with a loose narrative, there’s a couple of brilliant things in play here. The first is that there is actual cutscenes. Cutscenes in Fortnite Creative! There’s also animations, working elevators, cleverly designed levels, and a lot more.

Stackton Village Incident [prudiz] – 4252-7091-5317

Fortnite Creative Codes - Stackton Village Incident

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Stackton Village Incident is a case of a typical “how did I end up here and why is the city suddenly post-apocalyptic?” scenario, but while you’ll see that in a lot of custom maps, this one is well polished with an interesting story. Grab some weapons and solve some mini parkour puzzles to make your way through the city, killing lethal robots along the way. Also, there’s hardly any spelling mistakes in the dialogue so top marks from me!

Junkyard Juke [wc19-creators] – 1113-6823-4725

Fortnite Creative Codes - Junkyard Juke

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Another one from the Fortnite World Cup this year, Junkyard Juke is a wonderful map that introduces a clever spin on Prop Hunt. Hiders have to select a prop then try and make it to the very middle of the arena, all while the hunters are trapped inside a tower in the centre, and need to try and shoot at the moving props. The hunters view is blocked off every few seconds to allow the props to move unnoticed though, and it’s for anywhere from 2-16 players.

Sky Station Showdown [Team_Evolve] – 2535-1148-3971

Fortnite Creative Codes - Sky Station Showdown

The final map was also featured at the Fortnite World Cup, although it’s made by the equally vague Team_Evolve instead of wc19-creators. This is a team based objective map where you need to fight for control of capture zones, similar to something like Domination from Call of Duty. It’s a vast, detailed map, and it’s even got the Infinity Blade in for players to use… shudder.

Fortnite Creative Codes: July 2019

Prop Hunt [StrayKite] – 6069-9263-9110

Fortnite Creative Codes - Prop Hunt

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It was featured as a public playlist for a short while, but if you want to carry on playing Prop Hunt, there’s a designated code you can use in Creative. The mode soared to fame in Garry’s Mod, and quickly became imitated in other games like Call of Duty. It’s the same old Prop Hunt we’ve come to know and love, but set on a small Fortnite farm with a lot of props to choose from.

P.S. Emoting as a prop can be truly hilarious.

Portal in Fortnite [pimit] – 1120-9824-8309

Fortnite Creative Codes - Portal

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Recreating Portal in sandbox games isn’t a new concept – we’ve even seen it before in Fortnite, but that used identical duplicates of the rooms rather than an actual portal mechanic. That’s all changed however, because this map utilises portals in the way you’d expect. It’s not flawless; you can only enter through blue portals and leave through orange ones, and you can’t actually fire them yourself, as they’re fixed points in each level. Nevertheless, this is the most impressive representation of Portal we’ve seen yet, especially in Fortnite.

Avalanche E3 Edition [kkslider] – 6431-4005-0183

Fortnite Creative Codes - Avalanche

One of the Fortnite Creative codes straight out of E3 is Avalanche, which is a simple concept but a lot of fun. You can play with as many pals as you like, and the goal is simple: Collect all five coins, at the end of each level. There’s a tirade of vehicles plummeting at you though – some would say an avalanche – which will knock you off course and eventually kill you. Red lights indicate advanced paths which are quicker but trickier, or follow the green lights to have a safer route.

Zombie Run! [prudiz] – 3559-1687-3172

Fortnite Creative Codes - Zombie Run!

In a sort of Left 4 Dead-style mode, Zombie Run! is all about making your way through city streets while defeating zombies and sentries alike. Guns can be found aplenty as you survive against waves of husks, along with AI sentries that are painfully accurate. Fight your way through the masses to the end, though we’d recommend playing it much more cautiously than the name “Zombie Run!” implies.

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