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How to Show the Battery Percentage on the S20

Out of the box, your Samsung Galaxy S20S20+, or S20 Ultra doesn’t display the device’s current battery percentage in the status bar. Instead, you have to use your best judgment based on the battery icon. Here’s how to display the battery percentage on your handset.

Get started by swiping down from the top of the Galaxy S20’s display to open the notification shade. Now, tap the Gear icon next to the Power button to open the Settings menu.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Select the Settings Menu Gear Icon

Alternatively, swipe up on your handset’s home screen to open the app drawer. From there, either use the search bar at the top of the display or scroll between the panels and launch the “Settings” app.

Select the “Notifications” option near the top of the list.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Select the Notifications Options

Locate and tap the “Status Bar” button above “Do Not Disturb.”

Samsung Galaxy S20 Select the "Status Bar" Button

Finally, select the toggle that corresponds with the “Show Battery Percentage” listing. Ensure the icon turns blue.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tap the "Show Battery Percentage" Toggle

The battery percentage of your Galaxy S20 will now be displayed in the top-right corner of the Samsung handset’s screen. Repeat these steps if you ever want to disable the feature.

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